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The country side inn is located in a well cared forest park right above the city of Bad Homburg v.d.H. and not more than a stone’s throw away from the SAALBURG, the only reconstructed Roman castell in the world.

Before Emperor William II began with the reconstruction of the SAALBURG in 1897, his predecessor Emperor William I had built the country side inn Saalburg for his own use and as a day-trip destination. Still today there are the so-called “Kaiser-Erker” (emperor’s oriels), where the two German Emperors used to dine during their stays (never together).at the Saalburg

In 1907, the festival hall was constructed. Then followed various alteration works and the inn expanded by a complete floor in height and several rooms in width.

In 1984/85, the house was redesigned, matching its Roman-Germanic history and impact. In 1996, the festival hall was renovated comprehensively. Now the county side inn is open to residents and visitors of the region. It provides the perfect frame to celebrate private and professional highlights.

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